Why Use Prohormone Stacks And Planning First Prohormone Cycle

The practice of stacking prohormones has gained prominence only in recent times, with the hopes of deriving multiple positives from legal prohormones. And there are a few good reasons to this trend.

Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act (DASCA)

During late 2014, the DASCA bill was put into effect by the Congress. The bill banned a majority of over-the-counter (OTC) supplements used for augmenting male hormones with the intent to shed body fat and gain muscle. Though a majority of supplements were banned by the bill, the drugs that didn’t get banned were also mentioned. The non-banned list primarily included any drug that was from a plant derivative, plant or was considered legal by prior legislature.

Non Methylated

The Best Prohormone Stack For SaleAs per the DASCA bill, every prohormone that was methylated got banned and those drugs were referred to as designer anabolic steroids, leaving just non-methylated prohormones eligible for legal sales. Methylation of either designer steroids or steroids is wherein the compound gets altered at molecular level to withstand oral administering and breakdown when it enters the body via the liver. Though this sounds perfect, there are several negatives attached to using such methylated supplements.

Methylated products can put the liver under extreme stress. This is because the liver must then work harder to break the product’s alkaloid element down. Thus, while you are increasing the compound’s presence within your body, you are also increasing liver toxicity alarmingly. For countering this effect, a high dose cannot be used for an extended time period. The maximum the dosage for a shorter time period, the higher is the liver toxicity and the longer the time period needed to stay “off cycle” and let the body return back to normal.

This is the reason why people have resorted to prohormone stacks. The best prohormone stacks do not possess the identical liver toxicity, but still manage to attain the benefits from various products.

Prohormone Stack Constituents

The ideal or best prohormone stack may vary for different individuals, since people are not the same and there’s a huge variety to pick from. Irrespective of whether you are keen on shedding body fat for the hot season or acquiring lean muscle, a prohormone stack can do the job.

First Prohormone Cycle Planning

Quite often, people go overboard when planning a prohormone cycle. Most individuals may refer to this as overthinking. To have some clarity with relation to prohormone cycles, there are a few rules or guidelines to follow. These pointers should help first-timers inch closer to ideal prohormone cycles.

i) The first and perhaps the simplest rule of all is including only a single hormonal compound in the initial cycle. The first cycle just doesn’t require multiple-compound stacking. This is because it may lead to multiple side effects. When on a single compound, any resulting side effect can be easily avoided or the impact reduced. However, with multiple compounds in question, the recovery process takes time and is also tougher. In other words, multiple compounds can aggravate the issue or contribute further to side effect severity. Adding a single compound also lets you study the impact of a single compound. The outcome could be massive mass gain or uncontrollable hair loss. If a single compound is causing these effects, you’ll learn more about the compound’s effects and how to use the compound for future planning.

ii) The next rule to be followed is maintenance of consistent dosage patterns. There are multiple peak concentrations and half-lives of various compounds, so dosages could vary. Generally, most oral compounds have a half-life in the 5-12 hours range. What does that translate to in terms of dosing? It simply means wanting to dose a specific amount at regular intervals.

Also, the huge majority of time-dosing parameters are manufacturer-subscribed or mentioned on the product label. They could or could not be the right dosing schedule. Therefore, following the aforementioned guidelines or seeking experienced user insights would be beneficial. Also, check the website of the manufacturer.

iii) Stay prepared and do not go overboard. Often, support supplements are hot debate topics. Generally, you may see several individuals supplementing various supplements for mitigating side effects. This is not the right ploy. It’s expensive and also complicates things. In fact, it may result in more negative effects due to the several unknown reactions, and also diminish gains at the same time. Remember, mitigating sides when cycling is not recommended. There are multiple support supplements that could be cost-efficient and deserving enough to be a part of your cycle. These products are renowned for specific reasons and are designed for controlling multiple cycling’s negative health impacts or side effects. You really do not need all of them – cycling sans any is perfectly fine too. But in case you have some spare cash, the supplements are worth your money and time.