Crazy Mass Prohormone Cutting Stack Review

Stacking supplements is often recommended because a single supplement is usually not potent enough to provide necessary results. Stacking provides the body with a proper balance of natural constituents, which helps derive the best from workouts. If you are keen on upping the ante with your training sessions, consider the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack.

Crazy Mass Cutting Stack Elements

This cutting stack comprises four different supplement bottles:

• Paravar
• Testosterone-MAX
• Winstral and
• Clenn-Maxx


Great Cutting Stack For SaleParavar is a leaning and cutting agent that assists with burning fat, while simultaneously retaining lean muscle. It’s made for usage during cutting cycles and helps with the following:

• Improved vascularity for nourishing muscles
• Visceral and subcutaneous fat burning
• Retains lean, solid muscle
• Works for both genders
• Enhances muscle hardness and appearance for increased definition

Generally, Paravar is taken two times every day – one being at breakfast and the second during dinner, which even includes the off days. On workout days, a tablet should be taken approximately 45 minutes before the workout for ideal results. For best results, cycling for 8 weeks is recommended.


Testosterone-MAX, as the name suggests, is a completely natural testosterone booster that encourages the human body to make its own testosterone. It achieves this by using a blend of top-quality ingredients, which includes tribulus terrestris. The other benefits include:

• Helps promote substantial muscle gain
• Increases blood flow and nitrogen retention
• Increases sexual performance
• Enhance endurance and strength
• Decreases recovery period

The supplement should be taken three times per day, with a tablet at every major meal. During workout days, you must take the supplement 45 minutes before the workout, with best results usually noticeable post two months.


Winstral helps improve agility, endurance and speed through fat-burning and improving metabolism. The product is also effective with reducing water retention and allowing greater muscle definition. The benefits include:

• Increased strength sans weight gain
• Lean muscle tissue preservation
• Improved muscle density
• Improved vascularity

Winstral should be taken during the cutting phase, twice every day with meals. The product is designed to be used continuously for two months, followed by a two-week break. Like other supplements in this list, the supplement needs two months, on an average, to cast its spell.

The supplement constitutes choline bitrate, dimethyaminoethanol, linoleic acid, wild yam, l-carnitine and oleic acid.

Clenn Maxx

Designed to be the natural alternative to clenbuterol, Clenn Maxx turns out effective both during cutting and bulking cycles. This fat-burner, which is ephedrine-free, merges a healthy dose of natural ingredients to assist with burning fat in the most effective and safest manner, without losing muscle.

The supplement’s other benefits include

• Increased endurance and stamina
• Reduced appetite and hunger
• Increased muscle size and composition
• Increased ratio of muscles compared to fat

Clenn Maxx should be taken three times per day with food, for at least a two-month duration. The product ingredients are niacinimide, niacin, yohimbe, guarana extract, Garcinia gum and citrus aurantium.

Overall Performance and Recommendations

Compared to the majority of other stacks on the market, the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack does the trick the best. Both current and past users have reported of encouraging results. Also unlike most other stacks, this stack product was built for increasing endurance and helping with recovery.